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Listen to Pastor and the staff share the vision for Team Harvest and what it means to serve as Jesus served.

  • "Why I Serve"- Cedrick Rodgers (2:40)
  • Vision for Team Harvest (9:28)
  • Team Leaders share about their teams (18:20)
  • "Serving with Love, Joy and Purpose"- Pastor Bill (36:40)

Our helps ministry is harvest!

Team Harvest is a group of incredible people who come together to build up the body of Christ by serving with love, joy and purpose.

We believe there is a place for you on Team Harvest. God has made you for a purpose, and we want to find a place for you to fulfill that purpose here. 

Fill out the contact form below to join the team and get started on the path God has designed for you!

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We have periodic membership classes for people to take that next step with us. If you haven't been able to come to one of those, don't worry! You can still serve!
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